4 Easy Steps on How to Get Thicker Hair Quickly

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Each woman dreams of a lush mane that could be set as she likes. Almost every third woman has thin hair, and every second lady is sure that she has it. However, it is not true. Our hair can become stronger and thicker if we make certain efforts and use special means.  The question how to get thicker hair is especially popular with women all over the world. There are new shampoos and masks to help ladies to make their dreams come true. Nevertheless, it is important to find a complex approach to the problem and try to solve it step by step.

Step#1. Shampoo & Conditioners

The simplest way to make your hair thicker is to apply a correct shampoo. There are several types of hair. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the demands of your hair type and choose the shampoo that will make it healthier.  You can make experiments, as it is not a secret that your hair is unique and you will likely have to try dozens of shampoo trademarks to find one that suits you perfectly. It is also important to use a conditioner, a mask and hair thickener spray. Just shampoo isn’t enough as you have to fix the result. Cosmetic means contain silicone, provitamins, keratin, protein, calcium and other useful elements and additives. There are shampoos that “film” each hairspring making it thicker. However, it will help for a day only, especially if your hair is extremely thin. There are special professional shampoos and conditioners based on silicone. They make hair firm and add volume as they literally rebuild the strength of your locks. However, their price is high and not everyone can afford them.  But if you have money and can indulge yourself by visiting professional hair care saloons, it is worth doing it! You will get desired shine and volume. If you cannot solve the question how to get thicker hair with the help of cosmetics, try to change your haircut. It is one of the best ways to get thicker hair naturally.

Step#2. New Haircut – New Style

So, if you have thin hair, it is better to visit a hairdresser and change your style.  You can try haircuts with “ragged” ends, irregular contours or a clip of medium length.  If you are offered to cut the ends across the entire head, it is good to agree, as you will see that your hair acquires volume and seems to be thicker. Today, it is possible to use hair extension. It isn’t a new way of making your haircut visually thicker. Moreover, you can choose length, color, texture, and value of locks. There is another way to make your hair look thicker – highlighting. It gives volume to the haircut due to the diversity of patches of reflected light.

Step#3. Thicker Hair for a Night with Gels

It is a well-known fact that hair growth takes much time, but sometimes we need to look great and have only 2-3 hours for preparations.  If you have no time to wash your hair with a special shampoo, use fixing gels, hair sprays and stylish mousses.  Hair gel is not difficult to use, it is enough to dry hair, apply some gel with your hands and put locks as you would like to see them. However, if you do not know how to use gel and do not know basic things, then first you will not receive volume and beautiful hair, but matted clumps of locks. Hair mousse is applied immediately after a shower. First, squeeze out some mousse on the palm, rub a little and apply mousse to your hair evenly, starting from roots. Next you will have to use a dryer. Don’t forget to move your hair while drying.

Step#4. Proper Nutrition for Thicker Hair

It is important to eat correctly. So your hair will grow faster and get thicker if you consume a good amount of protein. The following foods are rich in this important element: eggs, fish, cottage cheese, buckwheat, chicken, legumes, etc.  Only healthy hair looks brilliant even without cosmetic means. It is also useful to take special vitamins for hair growth. Buy them in a drugstore.

These simple tips on how to get thicker hair will exactly help you if you follow them.


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