Dealing with the Problem of Frizzy Hair

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Women, while dealing with frizzy hair, must be patient and try to find out the cause for it. Blow drying hair too often and using too much of chemical products while styling can badly damage one’s hair. It can be even caused due to root problems and harmful styling products. One must be extremely careful while using any kind of hair products. Make sure you always check the expiry date and but appropriate products for your hair. Below are a few steps that can be followed to avoid frizzy hair.

For women having damaged hair

Hair gets damaged mainly because of the use of hair colors and overuse of other styling products containing harmful chemicals. All this leads to dryness which in turn results in frizzy and damaged hair. Try to keep your hair well conditioned to soften it. Conditioners containing high percentage of oil can contribute to frizz, so, try using a cream based one. As damaged hair have a tendency to take in more of the products used, try using a bit of it. Pomade in a small amount and a clarifying shampoo can immensely help you.

For women who have curls

If you have natural curls then there is a high possibility of having frizzy hair. Try to keep your hair moisturized and keep it well conditioned. The best way to solve this trouble is to use a perfumed ointment, pomade. It can be used after you have shampooed your hair. A drop of pomade can do wonders and will help you to overcome this trouble. Make sure that you evenly spread it and try twisting individual curls.

Beneficial tips

Firstly, to avoid frizz, try not to shampoo your hair every day. But if you feel that there is a need then just wash it with water and use conditioner, don’t use strong shampoos with high percentage of chemicals. It will help you to overcome dryness.  Secondly, avoid using hairbrushes. Instead use wide tooth combs while combing your hair. Thirdly, do not straighten your hair too often. This leads to frizzy hair. You can try improving the quality of the hair instead of simply straightening it. It badly affects your hair. Just try not to keep your hair dry and moisturize it well. The above steps will immensely help you to improve the quality of your hair and you would soon get rid of the dryness which will in turn reduce the frizzy texture. As with everything else, hair extensions though craved by all serves more to harm you than to enhance your looks! Here are a few of its damages:

  • There are several professionals that say any application of adhesive or glue type products to the hair will cause damage. Most of the companies producing hair products claim that their products are safe and do not damage the natural hair. However there is no way of knowing whether this is true or not! More often than not, people do suffer damages from hair extensions.
  • Extensions may look very good when you are in the parlour getting them done, thus, proving your rebelliousness. It looks good on your flat hair, which the designer has cleverly arranged. However when your return home, the true situation begins to reveal itself. You will find that you are unable to do your hair in certain styles on account of these. For example if the bonds are applied too close to the hair line, they may be very visible when pulling your hair back in a pony tail.
  • Moreover, they may fall out in a few days. The stylists always promise you that they are going to stay on for long, but like always there is no guarantee. If they do fall out, all the cash that you spent in getting it goes down the drain.
  • Also, if you are suffering from alopecia, severe hair thinning, balding or are going thru chemotherapy, hair extensions may worsen your condition. You may want to consider hair replacement options.
  • If your hair is damaged or weak in any way, then these extensions can cause your natural hair to fall out! The extra weight of these extensions may even cause you headaches in the beginning.
  • You will find yourself forced to spend more and more time in fixing your hair, because you are just not able to fix it like that stylist had!
  • It is requisite for you to keep your hair extensions immaculate! You will need to condition it on a regular basis . Also, consider that it will take longer to dry, longer to style and longer to brush or comb out tangles.

After going through all of this, ask yourself honestly, is it really worth it? I don’t think so! So be brave enough to not fall prey to peer pressure and different enough to be happy with your natural hair!

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