Easy Way to Get Pretty Curls In Your Hair

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Having a curling iron is beneficial for those who have straight or slightly wavy hair and want to put pretty curls on it.  With it, users will be able to shorten the time taken to style their hairs each morning, enabling them to use the extra time for other activities. One thing to keep in mind is that it might take some time and practice for those who have never used a curling iron to reduce the time taken for styling their hair. Fortunately it is easy and fun. For those who want big bouncy curly hair, it is recommended to use a wider curling iron, while for those who want small curls, a narrower curling iron is ideal. To start off, stylists should ensure that their hair is completely dried and combed. Those with wavy hair are advised to blow dry and straighten the hair first, because it is easier to curl them when straight, and they will achieve a better look this way.

It is also recommended to use hair products such as the L’Oreal Studio Hot Curl Spray, to maintain the curls for the whole day. It is also important that stylists with long or a lot of hair to divide it in parts before they start the process to make it easier and manageable. Starting with an inch of their hair, they should apply the warmed curling iron to the mid part of the hair.  The next step involves rolling the hair around the iron, while sliding it down to the end of the hair. Let the hair stay that way for a few seconds and then gently remove the iron. Do not forget to loosen the clip of the iron when sliding it down the hair. Failure to do will only lead to tearing or damaging the hair. While doing so, they are encouraged to change the directions of the curl.  They should continue the process on all sections of their hair until all are curled.

After completing the above process, they need to wait until the hair has completely cooled down before scrunching and shaking it. The shaking and scrunching is to give the hair volume and at the same time separate the curls.

Once that is done, they should spray the curls and they are good to go. It is recommended to use a hot curl spray as this will make the difference on how easily they can create curls and how long they will stay intact.  Users can also go for hair wax to separate the hair curls better in order to achieve a matt look and even more volume.  They should use a small amount of hair wax and then scrunch their curls before using hair spray.People who own fine hair generally avoid getting curls done as it is often difficult to hold curls in fine hair for a long period of time. As such, people choose to go for a straight refined look when they have fine hair. However, if you take appropriate care and follow the right steps you can hold curls easily in fine hair.

All you would require are:

a) Hair spray

b) Hair dryer

c) Shampoo

d) Volume enhancing root spray

e) Curling iron

f) Conditioner

Steps to follow:

1. Shampoo your hair gently with only lukewarm water, and rinse your hair until all the water is drained out.

2. Apply a conditioner and use your fingers to run down in every strand of your hair deep down. You may need to work in every counterpart with small applications which will leave your hair covered with the conditioner in every portion.

3. Use volume enhancer to add volume to your fine hair. Try lifting up layers and spray underneath the top layer of hair. This will ensure that even the root is covered.

4. You should dry your hair normally and should avoid brushing and stretching to prevent hair damage. Air dry your hair if you have time and if you are using a dryer, try using the lowest setting to remove the moisture and to make your hair completely dry before using a hair spray.

5. With a light mist spray your hair with a hair spray

6. To curl your hair, wind a strand around the curling iron .If you are using curling tongs do not pull the hair. Rather place them at the very end and wrap it. Hold it in place long where required to heat the entire strand. Then further re spray the curl and release it or open  up gradually. You can randomly curl up strands for hair texture or give your head a crown of spiral curls.

Tips to know:

  • Never curl damp wet hair.
  • Do not run your hands through your curl set hair or you will pull them right out.
  • Use hot rollers for softer longer curls.

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