Healthy Food for Your Hair and Skin

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It is the fact that filling your diet with power foods namely dark leafy greens, dark chocolate, citrus are wonderful ways in dealing with chronic conditions. Eating more of this and you will no longer have to worry about diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. However, you do have to remember that certain foods can also work wonders on your skin and your hair as well. There’s another rule that you must bear in mind, which is do not to skimp on rich, healthy ingredients this season, even if you are trying to lose some weight.

It is better that you can eat these following foods which are tested to have wonderful effects on our body:

1.     Blueberries – Healthy Food for Your Hair and Skin

This low-profile berry always makes it ways to be among antioxidant ingredients that you should eat every day compared to other types of fruits and vegetables. It is the high concentration of antioxidants in blueberries that work wonders to save you from premature aging. The best way to make use of it is to add half a cup to your yogurt or cereal every day until you find satisfied result.

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2.     Spinach – Healthy Food for Your Hair and Skin

This leafy green vegetable works wonders to your health and your skin since it is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Spinach, in the mean time, is extremely rich in lutein to keeps your eyes healthy and sparkling. This is also great source of vitamins B, C, and E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, which are key elements ingredients you should need on your daily diet.

3.     Eggs – Healthy Food for Your Hair and Skin

It will work both when you have sunny side up for breakfast or boiled and sliced cold over a green salad. When it comes to eggs, these are regarded as serious healthy-hair helpers. The reason is  because eggs are rich in sulfur, an essential nutrient which are found to be effective to liver function . As a result, this can help to foster the production of collagen and keratin to maintain shiny locks, strong nails and glowing skin that you will surely need.

4.     Garlic – Healthy Food for Your Hair and Skin

This spice is regarded as one of nature’s best medicines to help to prevent breakouts and guarantee that you will have clear skin. If you want to make use of it, it is better that you get its naturally antibiotic compounds to apply on your skin. To do so, you should crush or chop garlic and leave it on the cutting board for a few minutes before cooking.

5.     Walnuts – Healthy Food for Your Hair and Skin

These nuts are blessed to be rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to enable the body retain moisture and give it a healthy-looking shine. It is the protein content of the walnuts that works wonders to boost hair follicles, and will give it a shiny look more than ever.

6.     Almonds – Healthy Food for Your Hair and Skin

Almonds are good source of Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant which is needed for the body. Besides, it is also loaded with a large amount of plant-based protein, which can give helping hand to support collagen growth and strengthen the body. Eating more of this will help your to have healthier bones, hair, skin, teeth, and nails.

7.     Greens – Healthy Food for Your Hair and Skin

Your body badly needs the nutrients from green foods to function well and properly. It is high concentration of vitamins A [2], C, as well as iron to provide your body on every daily performance. The best way one can do to get full use of it is to eat these foods on regular basis.

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