How To Get Hair Dye Off Skin

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When using a dye to color your hair at home it is inevitable that hair dye stains accidentally get onto your forehead, face, ears, neck, and hands. As hair dye doesn’t cling as tenaciously to your skin as it does to your hair the right proprietary hair dye remover can remove the dye easily and effectively. These products act also as a repellent when applied to the skin preventing the dye from sticking to the skin. In addition they help in the removal of light hair dye stains after the hair coloring process. Since most hair dyes only take a few minutes to activate the sooner you remove the dye the better. Color stain shields help to prevent dark dye stains around your forehead and on top of your ears. They are very simple to use. You spread a small amount of the product along the hairline before you apply the dye. After you are finished you just wipe it off.

Hair Color Stain Removers

The best way to avoid hair dye stains completely is to use a specially formulated commercial Hair Color Stain Remover. The majority of commercial hair color stain removers can be applied before coloring as a stain block or a shield in addition to removing color afterwards. They are gentle, pH balanced, hypoallergenic and contain soothing Aloe Vera. They are great for sensitive or porous skin types and leave no oily residue. These are especially effective for women and men who have their eyebrows colored to match their hair for a natural look.

Benefits of Hair Color Stain Shields & Hair Color Stain Removers

Color stain shields and hair dye removers are an inexpensive solution to avoid staining of the skin along your hairline while dyeing hair. They protect the skin with soothing natural bisabolol and Vitamin E. Hair dye removal and hair dye color stain shield products are safe to use on your skin. They are alcohol, fragrance, vaseline and petrolatum free. Hair dye removers are non greasy, easy to use, hygienic, fast drying and leave no unpleasant odour. They ensure that the stains are completely removed from the skin and have a lightening fast reaction time. These products are rich and creamy but don’t leave an oily residue. A hair dye remover is great at removing stains from the skin especially when you miss a spot. They can be stored in a bathroom or beauty cabinet ready to use for your next hair coloring session ensuring stain free skin. Follow the directions carefully and avoid contact with your eyes and mouth. Color stain shield wipes are a good choice of stain remover for your skin when dyeing your hair because they’re very easy to use and ensure that the stain is completely removed from the skin. They also protect the skin and are hygienic.


If you have not gotten any hair dye on your skin, but you’re afraid you might get, as you’re keen on dying your hair soon, then I’ve some helpful advice & tips that may allow you to avoid any complications and prevent you from having to go through the difficult process of trying to remove hair dye off skin.

Do the following before dying your hair:

• Read the warning and follow the instructions

• Select loops instead of regular to keep hair dye off skin

• Avoid getting hair dye on your skin and eyes

• Save the package in case of allergic reaction in order to complain about the product

Do not dye your hair if:

• You have a rash on the face or scalp

• You previously experienced itching or swelling when hair dying

• You previously made a henna tattoo

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