How to Get Hair like Miley Cyrus?

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One thing that stands out with Miley Cyrus’ hair styles is their natural and feminine appearance. It has a curvy and wavy feel and never does it look messy at any one time. In order to get this look, you need some major styling techniques.

The length of the hair

Miley has long hair, and unless your hair reaches your shoulder, you will not be able to pull off her hairstyles.  Fortunately, Miley users hair extensions, and they give her a natural and healthy look. Therefore, if you do not want to wait until your hair becomes long enough, you can ask your hair stylists to use extensions. The only problem is that you will have to pay a little extra and at the same time select the best professional hair stylists to handle it.

Should you color the hair?

While Miley seems to be keeping the natural color of her hair, she darkens it from time to time. However, from her photos, it is noticeable that she uses highlights of different colors, giving her hair a light sun-kissed appearance. In order to achieve the look, you should use two or three different hair color. It is important to make sure that the colors are very close to the natural color of your hair, therefore opt for a tone or two darker or brighter.   The selected shades should be applied to small sections of the hair.  It is important that a professional hairdresser handles this, if not you will end up with stains on your hair, and you will end up spoiling the hairstyle.

Curls and Waves

While Miley loves to experience different waves and curves on her hair, her most popular look features straight hair at the bottom and curls towards the end. You should use a large radical brush when you are blow drying your hair in order to create body. Starting from the bark, hold small portions of your hair and curve them at the end and mid-lengths under the hair brush. Blow dry the hair starting from the top moving to the bottom,  selecting only small sections, preferably with a diameter of the brush, otherwise the hair wont curl.  For the best effect, apply styling mousse before curling. When the hair is dry, use a curling iron and start from the back. Wind tiny sections of the hair around the iron starting from the end to the rots and then hold it for at most 10 seconds.  You need not curl the hair on the sides of your hair that much. You should wrap sections of the hair around the iron until the mid-length and then warm it up for 10 seconds.

Finishing Touches

Miley softly lifts her hair around the crown of her head, and to get this style, use a small comb and tease your hair from the ends to the roots. Use wax to make the curves stand out and to keep the volume of the hair. While you can use the smoothing portion on the mid-lengths, avoid using it on the roots because it will create a heavy and greasy look.  Apply lacquer from an arm’s length, and lift a small portion and pin it to the back if you have a round face to reduce curliness around the cheeks.

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