Turn Thin Hair To Thick and Shiny Easily

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  Do you envy people who seem to have been born with thick and shiny hair? You might have actually been born with plenty of hair, but stress, aging, and environmental factors may have either reduced the texture of your hair or thinned it out. Do you wonder how to get thick hair even if your hair is damaged, or you were not born with naturally full hair? You may not be able to return to the same type of hair that you enjoyed when you were a teenager, but you can employ some natural strategies to make your hair appear as full and healthy as possible.

Get Beautiful Hair The Natural And Healthy Way

There are a few things you should do if you want to enjoy the appearance of fuller and healthier hair on your head.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals in hair products
  • Use natural oils to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair damage
  • Don’t wash your hair too much

Sulfates are found in most commercial shampoos and other hair products. These chemicals are notorious for stripping natural oil and causing damage. If you have noticed that most commercial hair products dry out your hair, avoid products with sulfates and another chemical called sodium laurel. You can find plenty of sulfate-free hair care products.

Natural oils

Natural oils have become more and more popular lately. Your own body makes these oils, but the process slows down when people age. Some illnesses also inhibit natural oil production. Natural oils come from plants, and they are very close in structure the naturally produced oils that young and healthy people produce in their bodies. These essential fatty acids actually help protect hair against environmental or chemical damage. They also get absorbed by the skin of your scalp, and they stimulate blood circulation, promote healing, and provide the nutrients that your body needs to grow hair as quickly as possible. If you find that you lose a lot of hair because it breaks off, you might be washing your hair too often. This is particularly true if your own body is not generating as much oil as it used to. Instead of washing your hair every day, you might find that your hair becomes fuller and healthier if you only wash it two or three times a week. Also, take care to wash your hair with warm water, and do not use very hot water.

Dry shampoos

If you need to treat your hair between washes, you can find some dry shampoos that are powders that you can simply comb through your hair. If you can’t find a special dry shampoo, a little baby powder is also effective. Simply dab a bit around your scalp and then comb it out. It will work for everyone who have weak and thin hair.

After you wash your hair

You could apply a few drops of a natural oil and leave it in. This should protect your hair between washing and make up for the lack of natural oils. You can find different oils that are actually healthy enough to eat, so you know they are good for your hair and skin. You can apply all these tips to help your hair become healthy and thick.

Now that you know how to get thick hair, you can have a beautiful head of hair that you can show off and try new and exciting cuts and styles.

Best of luck for hair you have!

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