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Weight Vest Reviews – Weight VestThe Xvest weight vest x4040 is at the higher end of the price ranges for weight vests. This is understandable considering the quality of the design and the comfort that it provides while you exercise and work out. Xvest has a history and a great track record of providing quality exercise equipment. The reviews for this particular weighted vest are extremely positive from people who have purchased this from Amazon.

We would say that this weighted vest would probably suit someone who is more serious about their fitness. This is not to say that others cannot use it, but there are cheaper alternatives for the average person. However the Xvest weighted vest will last a very long time because of the quality of build.

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This is a 40 lb weight vest where you can choose the amount of weight that you want to use when you train. The goal should be to train progressively, where you up the weights as you become fitter and stronger.The xvest weight vest does not come as a one size fits all vest.

It comes in a variety of sizes which ensures that there will be a size that will fit snugly for most people. The sizes are below:

Although the one size fits all weighted vests are good for most of us, people that are very thin often find that those types of vests feel loose on them. The small sizes offered with the Xvest ensure that ensure that you can use a vest that is going to fit you perfectly if you are thin.

Also this weighted vest hugs your entire torso, making sure that the weight is evenly distributed on your upper body.The material used for this vest is 400 Denier Nylon which is very tough and durable. It has also gone through an anti bacterial treatment so that when you sweat, the vest will not smell.

The Xvest weight vest is second to none when it comes to comfort, functionality, and durability.It is more expensive than other exercise vests, but if you have the money, then the Xvest Weight Vest is the one to go for! Get a Better Deal at Amazon by Clicking Here..

Customer Review

I bought this vest, the 40lb. XVest-40lbs of weights included, medium size, and from the minute I got it I knew I had a winner. In fact my partner just put it on while I was still reading the instructions and walked up 5 flights of stairs and since he knows a lot about weight lifting equipment, gave it a thumbs up. After I tried it I knew what he was talking about- the weights are evenly distributed and, making sure to keep that back straight, just walking to the store becomes a workout- great for those of us who cannot gt enough. The only let down is, if you are alone, it is next to impossible to load the xvest weight vest with the weights, and get it over your head, in order to put it on. I don’t know how to get over this one snag, but otherwise, Good product- better than good- very good.

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